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Trail is the first micro-mobility locking solution of its kind. 4G LTE connectivity 1. GPS tracking. TetherSense© plug-in chain ready.

Pinpoint your fleet’s location

With Trail Pro’s built-in GPS, track your fleet almost anywhere. Trail Pro’s upgraded 4G LTE connectivity including 3G/2G fallback1 across 200+ global networks enables remote connectivity to your fleet.
Global Tracking
Track and pinpoint your bike or scooter's location with a 3m range of accuracy in 100+ countries.
Simple Data Plans
With built-in GPS capabilities, we offer simple data plans to scale with your business.

TetherSense© technology. Instant locking.

Plug-in TetherSense© directly into Trail to instantly secure your vehicles. No phone or app is required! Choose from 2 levels of security with the TetherSense© Standard Chain or Heavy Duty Chain.

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Meet Trail in all its forms

The only modular lock solution with a choice of connectivity, integrations and vehicle telemetry. Explore LINKA Trail options.
Reliable connectivity
With bluetooth connectivity, read e-bike battery voltage, sync battery data to the cloud and stay connected at all times.
Control your fleet
(Optional) Optimize the user experience by taking full control of the vehicle’s lighting and track speeds.
Pinpoint your fleet's location
Track and pinpoint a vehicle’s location with a 3m range of accuracy. With upgraded 4G LTE connectivity including 3G/2G fallback, LINKA Trail Pro provides full visibility on your fleet.
Remote Commands
Lock/unlock, activate siren, revoke access and many more features at your fingertips.

Remote commands

Control your fleet in a few clicks.

Device management
Lock or unlock any device in your fleet from the comfort of your own desk.
Theft recovery mode
Activate siren and recovery mode to increase the ping frequency of your device’s location for fastest recovery.
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Data visibility
Analyze vehicle battery data. Report back vehicle battery level, adjust functional modes & trigger notifications to fleet team.
Maximum performance
No recharging needed allows for maximum performance on the lock allowing high frequency GPS and full time LTE-on capability. (Wired)
Customizable mounts
With customizable mounts, LINKA Trail fits a range of vehicles including scooters, bikes or e-bikes and even shared lockers.
Smart Fob-compatible
For rental & frequent user usage, access bike with LINKA Smart Fob. Lock or unlock at a tap of a button without your smartphone.

SDK ready. Modular design.

Easy installation to bikes, racks and scooters. LINKA Trail is SDK ready for custom integration.
Ultra durable die cast zinc body
IP6X Weatherproof
Salt spray: 96 hours highly accelerated humidity & salt testing
Vibration: 100,000 cycle test at 5Hz
Operating temperature: -20 C to + 65 C

IoT SIM & Data

Embedded in Trail Pro, standard. No additional setup required. Save as you scale covering 4G/LTE in over 100+ countries with our simple pricing plans. Monthly active device fees billed at scaled rates for each device separately.

Plug & play dockless micro-mobility sharing

Analyze data, monitor user trends and optimize your fleet.
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Fleet Solutions

Enable ride sharing with our all-in-one complete fleet solution including locking hardware and software.

Take full control of your fleet. Track, maintain and organize your fleet with FleetView™, Operator App and LINKA GO App.

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Integrate our SDK with your existing merchant or consumer app with LINKA Fleet’s scalable and flexible integration. With quick access code snippets and rapid development cycles - you’ll be fleet-ready in a flash.

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Tech specs

Size and Weight
Lock dimensions: 105 x 54 x 43.5mm
Weight: 0.8kg (1.8lbs)
Durable die cast zinc frame
Mobile network and wireless capabilities
Bluetooth 5.0 technology
*GPS Tracking - high-accuracy GNSS
*Cellular modem (CATM1/3G/2G options)
AES Public Key
Certification: RED, IC, FCC
Power supply and battery
Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery
Power for up to 16 months depending on usage
Rechargeable in 3 hours
Battery low notifications
Triple‐axis accelerometer: detects unwanted bike movement
Temperature sensor: detects freezing and melting tactics
LED indicator
110 dB siren alarm
Operating temperature
-20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F)
Weather resistance
IP6X standards (weatherproof)

1Built-in 4G LTE, 3G and 2G to provide stable global connectivity. 3G/2G fallback connectivity dependent on region and mobile network availability.